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Innovation & Initiative

Hendriks Greenhouses continuously seeks realistic, yet innovative ways to carve out our path in the future of sustainable development.
Our company is striving towards having minimal to no impact on the environment by reducing waste and lowering energy costs,

while ensuring responsible practices in our daily production.

How do we achieve our sustainable goals?

We are glad you asked!


Here are just a few examples of how we are keeping our sustainable momentum going:

  • Waste not want not! We practice strict water recycling & conservation, ensuring water and fertilizer are not wasted!

  • We have implemented a single stream recycling program.

  • In-house composting! Yes, we are that excited about composting!

  • We always use biopesticides.

  • For long distance travel of our product we use one-way, sturdy and reusable shippers.

  • We participate in a plastic pot return program with our out of country suppliers. This ensures those pots get reused over and over.

  • We are working towards a full product line-up switch, to fully recyclable pots! So exciting!

  • Our facility has a computerized environmental control system which makes prompt changes to the heating, cooling and lighting in response to outdoor conditions.

  • We participate in the Canon Toner Cartridge Return Program​.

We are constantly evolving and aspiring to meet the needs of the environment and of our consumers. We appreciate your support

and will continue to pursue new and innovative ways to keep the planet a happy and healthy place for you to grow your Hendriks gardens.

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